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Tech Tuesday – WordPress Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress I have been writing and scheduling all of my post through a great plug-in called WordPress Editorial Calendar.  The calendar can be set to view anywhere from a week to a whole month.  This makes it great to see how many posts you have planned, any series or memes you want to participate in, and generally the activity of your blog. You can draft a post by adding a title on a date.  You have the option to Edit it fully or Quick Edit the post.  Once the post is written, you schedule it for a date and time.  One nice thing about this plug-in is that if you decide you aren’t ready for something to be published, you can just drag and drop the post title … Read entire article »

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Tech Tuesday – Rootspersona WordPress Plugin

 rootsPersona Plugin for WordPress For Tech Tuesday, I am going to review a wonderful family tree and report generator for wordpress.  It is called Rootspersona, and I love it.  I had been looking for an easy to use GEDCOM to family tree generator.  The ease of use of this one makes it great. After you install the plugin, you will find Rootspersona on both the Tools and Settings buttons in the Dashboard.  The Tools menu for Rootspersona is the interface at which you upload your GEDCOM, add uploaded persons, upload missing evidence pages, and so on.  It is what runs in the background of the program.  The Settings menu is where you go to set up privacy settings and customize the generated report styles. When you visit the “home” page for rootspersona, they have … Read entire article »

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