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Tech Tuesday – WordPress Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress I have been writing and scheduling all of my post through a great plug-in called WordPress Editorial Calendar.  The calendar can be set to view anywhere from a week to a whole month.  This makes it great to see how many posts you have planned, any series or memes you want to participate in, and generally the activity of your blog. You can draft a post by adding a title on a date.  You have the option to Edit it fully or Quick Edit the post.  Once the post is written, you schedule it for a date and time.  One nice thing about this plug-in is that if you decide you aren’t ready for something to be published, you can just drag and drop the post title … Read entire article »

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Motivation Monday – January Goal Review/ February Goals

January flew by and now it is time to look over what was accomplished and what was not.  Here are my January goals: Smaller Goals: Join 2 genealogical societies.(I joined GRIVA and the Virginia Genealogical Society) Attend 1 Rootsweb webinar (Took the first one in the series and learned some basics) Post 3 blog posts per week. (Did this.  Hope everyone enjoyed!)   Larger Goals: spend 2 hours per week digitizing and organizing my records and notes  (Did some, but not every week) order the first deed book for my “Opus” from LDS  (Can’t seem to get over there, but I promise I will this week) spend 2 hours per week on inputting  Briley deeds from Pitt County (I have most of them photocopied) into Deed Mapper  (This may have to wait until after April) Look for more “modern” records … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 4

Prompt:  Free Offline Genealogy Tools:  For which free offline genealogy tools are you most grateful?  How did you find this tool and how has it benefitted your genealogy?  Describe to others how to access this tool and spread the genealogy love. My favorite offline tool for genealogy would have to be local libraries.  Not just your county’s public library, but local college, historical society, and possibly state resources depending upon where you live.  I have been visiting our local public library branch recently and checked out just their genealogy section (929 in the Dewey Decimal system).  They not only had older community histories, I came across a wonderful book from the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution published in the 1920′s.  I got 2 leads on a known ancestor and … Read entire article »

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2012 Genealogy Goals

The new year begins, and like many others, I find myself looking over the last year and deciding what I would like to accomplish this year.  This year I am will finally be able to devote some time to my genealogy.  I have been burnt out on volunteering (school and otherwise) in the past year and decided to take some time for myself.  Research and the puzzle of genealogy is very relaxing to me. Excess volunteering took away the time I had for pursuing my research.  I am taking a hard look at what I volunteer for and am cutting back to that which makes me happy, not haggard.   I have 3 major on-going goals for this year:          Digitizing and Organizing Records - Oh, how I long to be almost paper free. … Read entire article »

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