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Abundant Genealogy – Week 8

Prompt: Genealogy Libraries: Genealogy libraries (and dedicated departments in regular libraries) are true treasures in the family history community. Tell us about your favorite genealogy library. What or who makes it special? How lucky can I be that I live in the Richmond, Virginia area?  At least, when it comes to genealogical research.  My favorite library is the Library of Virginia, followed closely by the local LDS library.  I have other libraries I could sing the praises of *cough* Virginia Historical Society *cough*, but I have limited time to write this post.  The Library of Virginia is not just a physical repository.  They have pioneered putting out digital records.  There are still many more records to go.  The genealogy library on the second floor is huge.  They have many resources … Read entire article »

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Surname – Elkin(s)

My featured surname this post is Elkin.  A few generations back, it was Elkins, but a great-grandfather changed it.  We are not sure why.  I am going to focus on the line I descend from. The oldest ancestor I have found, and that many of the Elkin/s researchers I have worked with, tend to agree it is John Elkins of England.  He lived and died in England.  His son, Ralph Elkins, came to America while the Virginia Company was still transporting people over here.  He was lucky because he must have had some wealth.  He was granted land in what is now Stafford County, Virginia.  He died in Stafford County, Virginia and his handwritten will is preserved in the archives at the Library of Virginia.  He was my 10th great grandfather. Ralph’s children … Read entire article »

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Mapping Monday – William Brierly to William Brierley, son

  Here is the crux of my Briley/Brierly problem… Just how many William Brierly’s in a row am I related too?  I am thinking 3, and upon further inspection, seem to find evidence supporting it.  I only just realized that William Brierly, the father in this deed, has a different mark than his son.  In this case, they do not use an X (like so many other of my ancestors).  The older William uses a stylized W and the younger one flips it over.  I have not really started the cataloging of these deeds.  It is one of my long term projects to get started on sometime this spring when our renovation is finished. Here is my transcription of the deed (I tried not to edit it too much): Pitt County, NC Deed Book … Read entire article »

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Mapping Monday – Look at what I found

Little did I think as we went to see the Egyptian Mummy exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts that I would find this little gem to help me with some deeds and notes I have. I was so happy! Good Colonial maps are hard to find… I finally can see where the Chowan and Pequiminn Districts are in relation to places in Virginia. … Read entire article »

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