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House Renovations, posting light

Sorry for the dearth of posting this week.  I usually try to have eveything ready to go a week ahead, but with all the things I have need to do at the house, it got away from me.  I have the next few weeks planned, and will be working on the posts tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having much luck with their own research. … Read entire article »

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Andrew Karstensen (1893-1960) of Union City, IA

Andrew Karstensen was born October 30, 1893 in Shelby County, IA.  He was the son of Andreas Karstensen and Nicoline Juel.  Both immigrated to America with their parents and settled in a Danish community in Iowa. Andrew Karstensen married Alma Julianna Nelsen in 1920 at Union City, IA.  Alma was also a child of Danish immigrants.  They settled and had 4 children.  They were a very outdoors oriented couple, always camping, fishing, and hunting. Andrew died a few months before his wife from injuries due to a car accident.  He died June 9, 1960 in Adams County, IA.   I will post a picture of Andrew as an update as soon as I get one.  His family group sheet is here. … Read entire article »

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We will be back in Jan 2012!

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