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Surname – Nelson from Bolton, Lancashire, England

  This Nelson line is my husband’s maternal line.  They have traced their line back to a Richard Nelson in Bolton, Lancashire, England born about 1615.  They had probably been there for generations previous, and stayed at least 9 more generations after that.  I know that my mother-in-law is in touch with the cousin who has traced their line, but I am not sure of anyone else who researches this line.  I am just starting to learn the ins and outs of English research, so it will be a while before I know more than what I have on this line. … Read entire article »

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Surname – Elkin(s)

My featured surname this post is Elkin.  A few generations back, it was Elkins, but a great-grandfather changed it.  We are not sure why.  I am going to focus on the line I descend from. The oldest ancestor I have found, and that many of the Elkin/s researchers I have worked with, tend to agree it is John Elkins of England.  He lived and died in England.  His son, Ralph Elkins, came to America while the Virginia Company was still transporting people over here.  He was lucky because he must have had some wealth.  He was granted land in what is now Stafford County, Virginia.  He died in Stafford County, Virginia and his handwritten will is preserved in the archives at the Library of Virginia.  He was my 10th great grandfather. Ralph’s children … Read entire article »

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Surname Saturday – McCaul/McCall

My husband’s father, Eammon (Edward) Conleith McCaul was from Newbridge, Kildare County, Ireland.  His father, James Joseph, was born in Cavan County, Ireland. At that time, the spelling of the last name was McCall.  It seems there was some sort of falling out between brothers and my husband’s grandfather changed the spelling of his last name. There was another family story I heard that also explained the spelling change.  James Joseph fought with Michael Collins (not directly, but under him in the “army”) for Irish Independence.  To give some semblance of protection to his family, he changed the spelling of his name.  I know that his sons were aware of what their father did, but they only learned about it later and through family friends, against the wishes of their father. There are many McCalls … Read entire article »

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Updating the Surname page on Saturday

I am updating the surname page. It includes the surnames of my husband’s grandparents. We have a much tougher time with research for him. Both of his parents immigrated from the British Isles. His mother from England, and his father from the Republic of Ireland via England. I know very little of English or Irish research but am willing to learn slowly.  Thanks for taking the time to check it out. … Read entire article »

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Surname Saturday – Briley

You can tell from the name of my blog, BrileyGenealogy, that I focus on the surname Briley.  Briley is my maiden name.  My married name is McCaul.  Briley, by the way, is not an Irish name.  It is either English (from Briarly/Brierly) or Welsh. I have been researching the American Briley line (also found as Bryly, Brierly, Briarly, Byarly, and Brerley) since the early 1990′s.  My Briley line (I call it the Southern line, which I will go into in a minute) came in through early colonial VA, eventually settled in North Carolina (Beaufort area, old Bath County and surrounding colonial areas).  My line stayed in the general area in what is now Pitt County.  One branch of this line, Abraham Briley,  moved to Tennessee (Sumner county area) and they spawned … Read entire article »

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