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The Library of Virginia from our local NBC Affliate

The success of Who Do You Think You Are was hammered home last week when I saw a story on the Library of Virginia from NBC12, our local affliate.  They did a short sequence on a local politician who was trying to trace a slave ancestor and how she used the repository.  All in all, I thought it was a decent, very short introduction to the genealogical resources at the Library of Virginia.  I was happy that they mentioned this politician has been tracing her family tree for almost 30 years and that it can be a long and frustrating process.  My one quibble with WDYTYA is that they make the process look so “easy”.  I type in a name and ‘boom’ your whole tree is there and a professional pops out of your screen and takes you to the right … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 7

Prompt: Historical Documents: Which Historical Documents in your possession are you happy to have? How did you acquire this item? What does it reveal about your ancestors? My newest acquisiton is a postcard written to my great-grandfather by his mother while he was in training camp for the Army during WW1.  His brothers were also in the military and stationed elsewhere.  The postcard is a picture of him and his brothers coming back from a hunt.  The note she writes to him is filled with soft humor and love.  She tells him of her pride in him.  She also mentions some disbelief that the war has come upon them so fast and that few are left at home. The picture in and of itself is a treasure, but to have the personal … Read entire article »

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In honor of Boy Scout Day – The Genealogy Merit Badge

Today is Boy Scout Day! And I am a Genealogy Merit Badge counselor.  Today I am going to feature this merit badge on the website. I you are at all familiar with Merit Badges, you know that they consist of a series of tasks (or requirements) that the scout has to complete to earn the badge.  Before they start earning “credit” for the badge, the must approach the merit badge counselor, let them know they would like to earn the badge, and get a blue card that is signed by the ScoutMaster.  As they complete the tasks, they meet with the counselor to go over their tasks, and get them signed off as complete by the counselor.  When all of the requirements are complete, they turn in the blue card and … Read entire article »

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Tech Tuesday – WordPress Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress I have been writing and scheduling all of my post through a great plug-in called WordPress Editorial Calendar.  The calendar can be set to view anywhere from a week to a whole month.  This makes it great to see how many posts you have planned, any series or memes you want to participate in, and generally the activity of your blog. You can draft a post by adding a title on a date.  You have the option to Edit it fully or Quick Edit the post.  Once the post is written, you schedule it for a date and time.  One nice thing about this plug-in is that if you decide you aren’t ready for something to be published, you can just drag and drop the post title … Read entire article »

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It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Have you been eyeing that genealogy book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble?  Do you like to have a little extra in the PayPal account?  Then let me introduce my method of earning free gift cards to keep me in the Nook Books.  Meet Swag Bucks.  Swag Bucks is a search engine that rewards you.  When you sign up for a free Swag Bucks account and start using their search engine you win random Swag Bucks rewards.  And on Friday, you can earn Mega Swag Bucks which are random awards of 100-1000 SB.  Just so you know, a $5 gift card to Amazon is 450 Swag Bucks. I have been using Swag Bucks for a few years.  I have certain blogs and news sites that I visit everyday and I use … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 4

Prompt:  Free Offline Genealogy Tools:  For which free offline genealogy tools are you most grateful?  How did you find this tool and how has it benefitted your genealogy?  Describe to others how to access this tool and spread the genealogy love. My favorite offline tool for genealogy would have to be local libraries.  Not just your county’s public library, but local college, historical society, and possibly state resources depending upon where you live.  I have been visiting our local public library branch recently and checked out just their genealogy section (929 in the Dewey Decimal system).  They not only had older community histories, I came across a wonderful book from the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution published in the 1920′s.  I got 2 leads on a known ancestor and … Read entire article »

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Updating the Surname page on Saturday

I am updating the surname page. It includes the surnames of my husband’s grandparents. We have a much tougher time with research for him. Both of his parents immigrated from the British Isles. His mother from England, and his father from the Republic of Ireland via England. I know very little of English or Irish research but am willing to learn slowly.  Thanks for taking the time to check it out. … Read entire article »

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Tech Tuesday – Rootspersona WordPress Plugin

 rootsPersona Plugin for WordPress For Tech Tuesday, I am going to review a wonderful family tree and report generator for wordpress.  It is called Rootspersona, and I love it.  I had been looking for an easy to use GEDCOM to family tree generator.  The ease of use of this one makes it great. After you install the plugin, you will find Rootspersona on both the Tools and Settings buttons in the Dashboard.  The Tools menu for Rootspersona is the interface at which you upload your GEDCOM, add uploaded persons, upload missing evidence pages, and so on.  It is what runs in the background of the program.  The Settings menu is where you go to set up privacy settings and customize the generated report styles. When you visit the “home” page for rootspersona, they have … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk3

Prompt:  Which free online genealogy tools are you most thankful for?  How has it helped your family history experience? The Family Search site from the LDS is a great online tool, that is free, and they now offer the images also.  However, I do not think I am most thankful for that. I think what I am most thankful is the myriad of information on everything that I get from fellow researchers via their blogs, twitter, and facebook.  Everything from organizational ideas to upcoming events, you can find it all.  I have encountered researchers who have overcome some of the same “brick walls” I find myself facing.  I can learn from their experience.  I see people as organizationally challenged as I am, and I see how they deal with it.  Hey, wasn’t there … Read entire article »

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Tech Tuesday – Our HP All-in-One printer

While at my Dad’s for Christmas, I asked for his old photo album.  Looking at it again, I offered to take it and scan the pictures for him and burn them to a DVD.  I have always been worried, that through no fault of anyones, the pictures would be lost or damaged.  Now both he and I (and facebook family because I can’t control myself) will have electronic access to these pictures to have fun with and enjoy.  I am getting an average of 10 pics a day scanned in, and am almost finished. I love this project because it is teaching me how to use our new printer – the HP Officejet 6500A plus- more efficently.  The printer has apps that can connect it to websites and google.  I am … Read entire article »

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