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Ancestor – James Joseph McCaul

James Joseph McCaul was born to James MCCALL and Kathleen Duignan on July 29, 1897.  He was born in Bundorn, County Cavan, Ireland.  I know he had both brothers and sisters, but little has been told about them to me as I collected data. James lived with his wife, Kathleen Murphy, in County Kildare, Ireland.  I know the family owned a pub in the town they lived in.  Eventually, just before World War II, the family moved to London, England.  This always seemed a curious move to me, as I know James fought for Irish Independence.  In London, the family owned and operated 5 pubs.  I have heard many stories about London during the war since my marriage.  My father-in-law was a teen during the war and volunteered as a lookout during … Read entire article »

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Arthur Alfred Ellkin (1895-1969) of Buena Vista, WA

Arthur Alfred Elkin was born August 31, 1895 in Brush Prairie, WA.  His father was Edward Eldridge Elkin and his mother was Margaret Elvira Marrs.  They were both from Virginia, originally, and took the Oregon trail out from MO.  Arthur was their 8th child. Arthur Alfred Elkin married Etta Ethel Stonehocker on September 24, 1916 in Buena Vista, Tillamook County, Oregon.  They had 5 children together. Arthur Alfred died on February 20, 1969 in Tucson, Pima County, AZ.  This is listed as the place of death on his SSDI record.  You can link to the Rootspersona Tree here. *Most of the information I have on this line of my family came from my great Uncle Edwin Elkin, Arthur’s son.  I will be working on the sources of this information and inputting it into … Read entire article »

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Mapping Monday – William Brierly to William Brierley, son

  Here is the crux of my Briley/Brierly problem… Just how many William Brierly’s in a row am I related too?  I am thinking 3, and upon further inspection, seem to find evidence supporting it.  I only just realized that William Brierly, the father in this deed, has a different mark than his son.  In this case, they do not use an X (like so many other of my ancestors).  The older William uses a stylized W and the younger one flips it over.  I have not really started the cataloging of these deeds.  It is one of my long term projects to get started on sometime this spring when our renovation is finished. Here is my transcription of the deed (I tried not to edit it too much): Pitt County, NC Deed Book … Read entire article »

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Rhonie Futerial Strickland (1896-1972)

  Rhonie Futerial Strickland was born August 28, 1896 in Sampson County, NC.  His father was John Elbert Strickland and his mother was Cherry Almira Honeycutt.  Rhonie is listed with his parents in the 1900 census at age 4 living in Herring, Sampson County, North Carolina. He has 7 siblings.   He married Annie Retha Baker (b. September 3, 1902) on August 26, 1915 in Pitt County, North Carolina.  They had 5 children.  The 1930 census has them listed as living in Portsmouth, VA.   Rhonie Futerial died on April 15, 1972 in Frostproof, Polk County, FL.  He had remarried after Annie died to Marie. I have little information on Marie.   Family Tree information for Rhonie F. Strickland can be found here: … Read entire article »

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Surname Saturday – Briley

You can tell from the name of my blog, BrileyGenealogy, that I focus on the surname Briley.  Briley is my maiden name.  My married name is McCaul.  Briley, by the way, is not an Irish name.  It is either English (from Briarly/Brierly) or Welsh. I have been researching the American Briley line (also found as Bryly, Brierly, Briarly, Byarly, and Brerley) since the early 1990′s.  My Briley line (I call it the Southern line, which I will go into in a minute) came in through early colonial VA, eventually settled in North Carolina (Beaufort area, old Bath County and surrounding colonial areas).  My line stayed in the general area in what is now Pitt County.  One branch of this line, Abraham Briley,  moved to Tennessee (Sumner county area) and they spawned … Read entire article »

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John Shaven Briley (1884-1944) of Martin and Pitt Counties, NC

John Shaven Briley was born June 1, 1884 in Martin County, NC.  His father was John W. Briley (Pitt County, NC) and his mother was Brittianna A. Meeks (Pitt County, NC).  He moved between Martin and Pitt County more than a few times in his life. He married first Flossie Hammond on September 9, 1905 at the age of 21.  Then, at the age of 23, on January 10, 1908 he married Allie Gertrude Bullock.  I have not focused on Flossie, and have not run across any other records of her, so I am not sure what happened.  My great grandmother was Allie, so I tended to focus on her. Together, John S. Briley and his wife, Allie G. Bullock Briley had 10 children. John S. Briley died on March 27, 1944, in … Read entire article »

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