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Abundant Genealogy – Week 11

Prompt:  Technology: Technology makes it possible for genealogy classroom learning to come to you. Webinars are now hosted by many instructors on a variety of family history subjects. Share with us a webinar or series of webinars that you appreciate. Well this is an easy one to answer.  As of now, I have watched 2 webinars.  Both on my genealogy software of choice, RootsMagic.  They were both well produced and informative.  However, in my house, webinars produce the same response as a phone call…suddenly Mom is needed for every and all things.  Needless to say, the pause button gets hit alot.  I have plans to view more webinars in the future.  They are not in my priority list of things to do right now.  I look forward to having time … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 9

Cemeteries: Genealogists understand the full value of cemeteries and appreciate them in ways most others can’t see. Share a cemetery or cemetery experience for which you are most thankful. What makes this place special? What does it mean to you and your family history? Two summers ago, I met a cousin from the west coast in our “ancestral” land of Pitt County, North Carolina.  The highlight of the quick get-together was visiting the small, roadside, family cemetery that holds our great and great-great grandparents.  This cemetery obviously was once on family land.  Now it just sits on the side of a country road.  Some of the visible landmarks that I used the first time I visited the site were gone (torn down after some devastating hurricane damage).  The land around the … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – Week 8

Prompt: Genealogy Libraries: Genealogy libraries (and dedicated departments in regular libraries) are true treasures in the family history community. Tell us about your favorite genealogy library. What or who makes it special? How lucky can I be that I live in the Richmond, Virginia area?  At least, when it comes to genealogical research.  My favorite library is the Library of Virginia, followed closely by the local LDS library.  I have other libraries I could sing the praises of *cough* Virginia Historical Society *cough*, but I have limited time to write this post.  The Library of Virginia is not just a physical repository.  They have pioneered putting out digital records.  There are still many more records to go.  The genealogy library on the second floor is huge.  They have many resources … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 7

Prompt: Historical Documents: Which Historical Documents in your possession are you happy to have? How did you acquire this item? What does it reveal about your ancestors? My newest acquisiton is a postcard written to my great-grandfather by his mother while he was in training camp for the Army during WW1.  His brothers were also in the military and stationed elsewhere.  The postcard is a picture of him and his brothers coming back from a hunt.  The note she writes to him is filled with soft humor and love.  She tells him of her pride in him.  She also mentions some disbelief that the war has come upon them so fast and that few are left at home. The picture in and of itself is a treasure, but to have the personal … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 6

Prompt: For which family heirloom are you most thankful? How did you acquire this treasure and what does it mean to you and your family? I am not the keeper of the family heirlooms, yet.  I do have 1 that I love that my grandmother made sure I had before she passed away 6 years ago.  It is a cutting board made by her grandfather and handpainted by him.  It was meant to be decorative, and I hang it on a wall,  My g-g- grandfather was Danish, so this cutting board shows heavy Scandinavian influences.  The picture is stylized.  I feel a deep connection to my grandmother’s family and the cutting board hung in our kitchen with care brings them to mind daily.  Grandma gave up many of her family traditions when … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 5

Prompt:  Sometimes the challenges in life provide the best learning experiences.  Can you find an example of this in your own family tree?  Which brick wall ancestor are you most thankful for, and how did that person shape your family history experience? While I would not say that I am “thankful” for this brickwall, I do have a very challenging direct ancestor.  James Briley born circa 1800 and died before 1845.  His land was auctioned off by the sheriff.  He has been the hardest ancestor to trace and I have been piecing together his life little by very little for at least 20 years.  My first introduction to James was as a name on the marriage record of his son, Marcellus.  So I started to look for him, and look some … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk 4

Prompt:  Free Offline Genealogy Tools:  For which free offline genealogy tools are you most grateful?  How did you find this tool and how has it benefitted your genealogy?  Describe to others how to access this tool and spread the genealogy love. My favorite offline tool for genealogy would have to be local libraries.  Not just your county’s public library, but local college, historical society, and possibly state resources depending upon where you live.  I have been visiting our local public library branch recently and checked out just their genealogy section (929 in the Dewey Decimal system).  They not only had older community histories, I came across a wonderful book from the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution published in the 1920′s.  I got 2 leads on a known ancestor and … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – wk3

Prompt:  Which free online genealogy tools are you most thankful for?  How has it helped your family history experience? The Family Search site from the LDS is a great online tool, that is free, and they now offer the images also.  However, I do not think I am most thankful for that. I think what I am most thankful is the myriad of information on everything that I get from fellow researchers via their blogs, twitter, and facebook.  Everything from organizational ideas to upcoming events, you can find it all.  I have encountered researchers who have overcome some of the same “brick walls” I find myself facing.  I can learn from their experience.  I see people as organizationally challenged as I am, and I see how they deal with it.  Hey, wasn’t there … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – Wk 2- Laptop Love

Prompt:    Paid Genealogy Tools: Which paid genealogy tool do you appreciate the most? What special features put it at the top of your list? How can it help others with their genealogy research? Hands down, my laptop is my favorite and most appreciated paid genealogy tool.  I remember the first few years of pursuing my genealogy research and what a hot mess that was!  I am not, by nature, a highly organized person.  I have gotten better over the years, but even today, after tracking the activities of 4 kids (everything from Robotics to sports to scouts)  I still chase down paper.  True confession, only since the advent of the iCloud have I kept my electronic calendar updated. The laptop changed everything for family genealogists.  Even when you only had very … Read entire article »

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Abundant Genealogy – Genealogy Blogs

Week 1 – Blogs: Blogging is a great way for genealogists to share information with family members, potential cousins and each other. For which blog are you most thankful? Is it one of the earliest blogs you read, or a current one? What is special about the blog and why should others read it? Of all the Genealogy blogs out there, if you are interested in the pulse of the online genealogical community and finding niche blogs you have to visit Geneabloggers every day.  For me, it is first a post roundup site.  It is also an aggregator of blogs both big and small, and I visit many of the highlighted posts for the daily memes.  Tom MacEntee also provides the reader with his own series and ideas, along with scheduled events, … Read entire article »

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