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Abundant Genealogy – wk 7

Prompt: Historical Documents: Which Historical Documents in your possession are you happy to have? How did you acquire this item? What does it reveal about your ancestors?

My newest acquisiton is a postcard written to my great-grandfather by his mother while he was in training camp for the Army during WW1.  His brothers were also in the military and stationed elsewhere.  The postcard is a picture of him and his brothers coming back from a hunt.  The note she writes to him is filled with soft humor and love.  She tells him of her pride in him.  She also mentions some disbelief that the war has come upon them so fast and that few are left at home.

The picture in and of itself is a treasure, but to have the personal note from his mom just rockets it up the charts of great finds.  Grandma left some other great stuff (like letters from my Grandpa when he was stationed on ship) and I look forward to taking it easy one day and reading it all. 

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