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Tech Tuesday – Our HP All-in-One printer

While at my Dad’s for Christmas, I asked for his old photo album.  Looking at it again, I offered to take it and scan the pictures for him and burn them to a DVD.  I have always been worried, that through no fault of anyones, the pictures would be lost or damaged.  Now both he and I (and facebook family because I can’t control myself) will have electronic access to these pictures to have fun with and enjoy.  I am getting an average of 10 pics a day scanned in, and am almost finished.

Our wonderful printer

I love this project because it is teaching me how to use our new printer – the HP Officejet 6500A plus- more efficently.  The printer has apps that can connect it to websites and google.  I am a sucker for planner pages, and one of the apps lets you print out various blank planner pages.  It faxes, copies, and scans from both flatbed and by scrolling papers through (so you can load multiple pages in a pile and tell it to scan and they all become one document).  I have been scanning each photo on the flatbed and importing it into Google’s Picasa.  There, I crop the photo and caption it.

We had a dinosaur scanner for a long time, and the steps to get it to scan and save always intimidated me.  I find with this scanner it is as close to point and click as you can get.  The ease of use compared to what I was had used gives me much more confidence with scanning projects.  I have already decided to  scan in my Mom’s family pictures.  I am also going to be scanning in all of my old notes.  Any one have any recommendations on OCR programs?

This printer has a few other features that we LOVE! It can be hard-wired or wi-fi.   We can print to it from our i-phone while on our wi-fi network.  And…we can e-mail the printer to print.  To use the e-mail feature you have to set up an HP print account through their website.  We don’t use the e-mail feature much and I do not give out the address.  I love my neice and nephews, but I don’t want multitudes of their pictures spitting out of the printer every day.

There is only one thing that I would change about the printer, and that is its ability to scan larger documents.  But, I am not so worried.  For the oversize copies of the deeds that I have right now, I am planning on going to Kinko’s and scanning them there straight to a USB drive.  Hopefully they have the ability to do that.

Happy scanning!

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